Rotary Club, Heart For Hue deliver 5,000 baby chicks to Vinh Thai people

On October 30, under the sponsorship of the Rotary, Hearts For Hue delivered 5,000 fully vaccinated baby chicks to 50 beneficiaries in Vinh Thai community (Khanh Hoa province).

Rotary Club, Heart For Hue deliver 5,000 baby chicks to Vinh Thai people

The project is aimed to improve the economic condition for the disadvantaged and disabled people near Hue through chicken raising. Photo: Hearts For Hue

This project aims that families with one or more members suffering disabilities or people with disadvantaged can improve their living standards by generating income through the raising of chickens.

Earlier, under the sponsorship of the Rotary International (USA), Hearts for Hue in association with the Vinh Thai People’s Committee has been implementing Chicken raising project – to improve economic condition for poor/disabled people near Hue, Vietnam.

As a part of this project, on October 23, Hearts For Hue delivered complementary inputs distribution to the beneficiaries. Each of 50 families received 1 bag of chicken feed, two feeding and drinking dispensers and a heating lamp system. All of the family were blissful and expressed their eagerness to start raising.

According to the recent survey, all 50 chicken coops built and renovated which are ready to host 100 baby chicks. As planned, the staff from chicken supply company and group leaders of raising chicken club will assist 50 families to clean and disinfect chicken coop before chicks arriving.

The next step, Hearts For Hue will implement a training session on how to raise chicken effectively, which will be delivered by Professor Nguyen Xuan Ba, from Hue University College of Agriculture and Forestry./.

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