Suong sam jelly - cold treat for summer days

This jiggly cold treat is perfect on a hot summer day. Cut the Grass Jelly into cubes and serve over crushed ice for a simple chilled dessert. Another tasty option is to cut the jelly into small pieces and add to your favorite icy beverage. 

Tiliacora Triandra is the name of leaf that people make jelly. It’s a refreshing drink in the hot summer. The combination of a few simple ingredients such as Tiliacora Triandra leaves, sugar, and ice is a perfect match for the thirst.

Suong sam jelly - cold treat for summer days

Sương sâm - a green jelly is made from tiliacora triandra leaf.

Tiliacora triandra is a species of flowering plant native to mainland Southeast Asia and used particularly in the cuisines of northeast Thailand and Laos. In Lao it is called yanang or ya cang (meaning "yanang leaf"), or simply yanang or yang (yangang). In Vietnam, the plant is called dây sương sâm, and can be made into a kind of jelly called: “sương sâm”. It is a climbing plant with deep green leaves and yellowish flowers, tolerating only very mild frost.

For foreigners, jelly drink may look strange to them and especially its smell or taste, but it's healthy. We’re talking about sương sâm, sương sa and sương sáo! Like three sisters having a nice family name "Sương". "Sương" literally means the tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces at night.

They have the ability to cool down any thirst in the heat of summer days.

Suong sam jelly - cold treat for summer days

Vietnamese used it to make teas and refreshing iced drinks.

Suong sam jelly - cold treat for summer days

Sương sâm (tiliacora triandra) jelly and sabja seed dessert (hạt é).

Sương sâm made from the leaves of flowering plant named "Tiliacora triandra", and it's very simple to make this green jelly. We just crush, mash or crumple the leaves in a bowl of water, until the water becomes green, then it takes probably few hours for the green liquid to coagulate. Then we have soft as jelly-like consistency, ready for us to make a cool refreshment.

In order to save time, the locals choose to buy the ones which already cooked. They just put it in the glass then adding some sugar and ice.

It’s a refreshing chilled treat and easy to make. Sương sâm jelly can be enjoyed as a simple dessert or added to beverages to make delicious cold drinks./.


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