Daily Horoscope for January 29: Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

Daily Horoscope for January 29: When the moon is waning, meaning it’s moving away from the full moon and getting smaller, it usually brings a calming or understanding energy. The waxing moon brings with it a sense that something is building or about to come to fruition. Right now, the moon is waning in the vibrant sign of Leo, so we have an interesting juxtaposition. The fast-paced and attention-seeking vibe of Leo is calmed by the soft currents of the waning moon, which can make for a very relaxing and chill experience today.
January 29, 2021 | 08:58
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Daily Planetary Overview

The moon also opposes Mercury now, which means that we’ll be able to express our feelings freely and clearly with loved ones if we’ve worked through any negative ideas that aren’t based in facts. If we have false ideas about our feelings, it could lead to scrambled communication with others that just end in arguments.

Your primal instincts will want to take over, so be cautious of anything along the lines of addictions or other triggers that could cause you to backslide into old behavior patterns. You’ve come so far in your journey, and today is not the day to fall down. Use the waning moon to help you level out, the Leo energy to add a little dark humor, and you should be good to go.

Daily Zodiac Horoscopefor January 29


2725 aries 1

The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are the trailblazers. Passionate and independent, Aries will never do something just because everyone else is doing it—a Ram needs to be 100 percent committed to the task at hand.

Jan 29, 2021 - Now that you've earned your place in the world after all your hard work, Aries, you might take some time to pursue your own interests. This could involve writing or publishing, going back to school to get an advanced degree, or taking a trip around the world. You have the time and energy to think about all your different options, so don't feel you have to rush.


2743 taurus 1

Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac. Amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, Taureans value honesty above all else and are proud that their personal relationships tend to be drama free.

Jan 29, 2021 - Money that has come your way unexpectedly might have you thinking in terms of expanding your personal interests and holdings, Taurus. You might consider trying some new investments, particularly property. There's no need to rush to make a decision, however. You have all the time in the world to consider different options - and have some fun while you do it.


4056 gemini

Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Gemini is characterized by the Twins, Castor and Pollux, and is known for having two different sides they can display to the world. Expert communicators, Gemini is the chameleon of the Zodiac, adept at blending into different groups based on the vibe and energy they perceive.

Jan 29, 2021 - You may feel so confident that you could be thinking in terms of starting a new enterprise, Gemini. Partnerships are especially likely to succeed now. You could also grow closer to those who mean the most to you - family, friends, romantic partners. If you aren't currently romantically involved, you might be soon. Your new sense of self-confidence should pull more people into your circle.


2900 cancer 1

Emotional, intuitive, and practically psychic; ruled by the moon and characterized by the crab, Cancer has so much going on in its watery depths. Cancers may seem prickly and standoffish at the first meeting, once they make the decision to become friends with someone, that person has a friend for life.

Jan 29, 2021 - Recent successes haven't made you feel you can rest on your laurels, Cancer. Rather, you're more likely to work harder. Today you might spend a lot of time considering different options for improving your socioeconomic status. Among them might be enterprises connected with the planet. Business and romantic partners could inspire you.


2918 leo 1

Bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous, fire sign Leois a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way. Blessed with high self-esteem, Lions know that they possess enviable traits—and they're proud of them.

Jan 29, 2021 - This is likely a day when you want to reflect on your successes. As your professional success continues to skyrocket, your sense of self-confidence follows suit. So do your relationships with family, friends, children, and romantic partners. Your mind is especially sharp, Leo, and your personal innovations should continue to progress. Life is good and likely to stay that way for a while.


2945 virgo

Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they're going to do today isn't a drag it makes them feel in control and secure.

Jan 29, 2021 - Surprising developments in your life might bring a lot of visitors and much happiness to your home. You could host a party or other sort of gathering. This is likely to keep you very busy throughout the day, Virgo, but you will have fun all the same. Don't let shop talk interfere with times like this. This is the time to relax and enjoy your good fortune. Use it to your advantage.


3000 libra 1

Intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves, Libras value harmony in all forms. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra adores a life that looks good. As the master of compromise and diplomacy, Libra is adept at seeing all points of view and excels at crafting compromises and effecting mediation between others.

Jan 29, 2021 - Some wonderful new developments could take place in your community, Libra. You might meet some new people who move in nearby. New businesses could also arrive and give a whole new look to the area. You could spend a lot of time visiting others to learn about what's happening. You might also consider fixing up your home, as recent success has made that possible. You will be busy all day.


3014 scorpio 1

Passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze their own trail no matter what others think, Scorpios make a statement wherever they go. They love debates, aren't afraid of controversy, and won't back down from a debate.

Jan 29, 2021 - A high level of self-confidence and optimism should stay with you throughout the day, Scorpio. Your energy is good, as is your enthusiasm. The success and good fortune that have been coming your way are likely to stay with you. You may have just been blessed with more money and happiness. Of course, this feeling is also likely to attract more friends. Make the most of it!


3224 sagittarius

Independent and strong-willed, Sagittarius personalities are all about going off the beaten path. Sagittarius isn’t afraid to step away from the pack and is a natural-born leader who goes after what he or she wants, regardless of what other people think.

Jan 29, 2021 - Happiness is the mood of the day, Sagittarius, as you enjoy the fruits of all your hard work over the past few years. You're able to pursue a few things that you've never been able to before. You're likely surrounded by old and new friends, and romance is blossoming. You probably also look especially attractive now. If all this sounds too good to be true, wake up! It's happening!


3051 capricorn 1

Smart, hardworking, and fully in control of their destiny, a Capricorn will always get what they set their mind to, in both personal and professional life—no excuses. Capricorns may get a reputation as stubborn, but they simply know what they want, and also know how they wish other people would behave.

Jan 29, 2021 - All the success and good fortune you've enjoyed over the past several months may have freed you from the grind enough to concentrate on spiritual or artistic interests. There may be a few surprises in store for you, Capricorn. You may meet some new people who share your interests. What you learn from them could improve your progress. You might embark on a new course of study.


3128 aquarius 1

Independent and enigmatical, Aquarians are unique. There is no one quite like an Aquarius, and because each is so incredibly individual, it can be tough to describe them as a group. Aquarians don't like labels, and may shy away from any adjective—even the good ones you might bestow upon them.

Jan 29, 2021 - The company of good friends, perhaps at a group activity or festival of some kind, contributes to a powerful feeling of good health, good fortune, and happiness, Aquarius. You will probably want to spend a lot of time outdoors today. Sports might appeal to you. There will be a few minor accidents - dropping things, spilling drinks - but in all, this should be a satisfying day.


3129 pisces 1

Smart, creative, and deeply intuitive, Pisces can be close to psychic. Pisces feel things deeply and have incredibly strong gut reactions. A Pisces "knows" things from deep within, and can often judge whether a person or situation is good or bad.

Jan 29, 2021 - Continued success and good fortune regarding finances could have you flying high right now, Pisces. You're probably glowing with self-confidence and may well be surrounded by good friends. There might even be some public acclaim. A few minor mishaps might occur today, but they certainly won't put a damper on the mood. Expect to have a wonderful day!

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