“Mom’s simple meal” channel represents Vietnam to join Youtube FanFest 2020

Vietnamese channel “Am Thuc Me Lam” (Mom’s simple meal), which attracts some 700,000 followers on Youtube- world's most popular video-sharing platform will be a representative from Vietnam to join the Youtube FanFest 2020.
October 07, 2020 | 15:00
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Photo courtesy of "Am Thuc Me Lam".

Recently the official fan page of the Youtube channel Moms’ simple meal has announced participation in the major event in which YouTube creators from around the world perform unique live shows slated to take place on October 11.

The channel includes a series of videos featuring 55-year-old Duong Thi Cuong, a farmer from Phu Binh District in northern Thai Nguyen Province who is fond of cooking Vietnamese cuisines. The videos were taken by her son Dong Van Hung in a very professional manner from the music and backgrounds, he wanted to cherish his mother's daily activities like gardening and farming in a typical northern rural setting.

The channel cashes in on the ageless appeal of quintessentially Vietnamese dishes like sweet rice balls, boiled snails, and crab and vegetable soup. This visually attractive channel with subtle music has attracted many foreign viewers who have asked for English subtitles.

The duo shared: “It’s so happy and so proud! After years we have taken relentless effort and tried hard, the channel “Am Thuc Me Lam” (Mom’s simple meal) was picked as Vietnamese representative to join in the world’s Youtube FanFest 2020”.

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