"The Beatles Symphony" music concert - A night of unforgettable memories and emotions

At "The Beatles Symphony" music concert, the audience and the artists brought to life the legacy of four British men, named John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
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On the evening of December 5 at the Hanoi Opera House, the music night "The Beatles Symphony" was held by My Thanh company as one of the rare live shows in Vietnam and worldwide where audiences can come to watch live at this time of COVID-19 challenges.

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2020 marks the 80th birthday and 40th death anniversary of the legendary John Lennon, and also the 60th anniversary of the band's formation (1960-2020). (Photo: VOV)
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At the concert, immortal songs of The Beatles such as "Here comes the sun", "Yellow submarine", "Don't let me down", "Imagine", "Come together", " Hey Jude "," All you need is love "... were brought to audiences through the voices of Tung Duong, Uyen Linh, Pham Anh Khoa, OPlus, Vu Dinh Trong Thang (Ngot Band), Hoang Trang, Trinh Nhat Minh. (Photo: VOV)
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In the hall of the Opera House, many mementos, souvenirs, vinyl albums, EPs, CDs, books, newspapers and magazines .. of The Beatles were displayed to present the journey of the Liverpool men who then became a legendary rock band. (Photo: VOV)
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At this live show, instead of singing The Beatles in a rustic, original way, music director Hong Kien brought Beatles music into the space of a semi-classical stage with the symphony orchestra, and a sense of electronic music. (Photo: VOV)
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Under the direction of musician Duc Tri, the orchestra has givenThe Beatles music more depth and brought satisfaction many audiences - the fans who have been long familiar with The Bealtes' music over the years. (Photo: VOV)
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In the auditorium of the Hanoi Opera House, audiences of different ages, from 60-70 years old to the young people born in the 2000s sang along, clapped their hands, and swayed to the music from beginning to end of the concert. (Photo: VOV)
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The most surprising element of the concert, however, lied in the combination of Vietnamese folk and the "bold Western" melodies of The Beatles. No one ever expected that the traditional lullaby melodies would unexpectedly suit in the orchestra of "Love me do - She loves you - A day in the life - Goodnight". (Photo: VOV)
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Alternating in the singing parts are orchestral remixes of "Yesterday", "Something", "Imagine" ... All gave the audience an extremely meaningful time to commemorate The Beatles and listen to a part of their priceless musical treasure. (Photo: VOV)
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At the end of the program, the audience was suddenly "entertained" by performance from alumni of many student bands in the 1980s and 1990s in Hanoi. (Photo: VOV)
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If inside the stage, the music of The Beatles is more academic and artistic, on the outside, the concert created a space of a music festival, where the audience got closer to the bands, where the music was played with rustic vibe. (Photo: VOV)
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